Welcome to the High School UCAL basketball program at West U. Methodist!

Please note the following pertaining to the UCAL High School program!

Register early to ensure team placement and avoidance of Late Fees. 

  • Players are encouraged to form their own teams.  The League avoids assigning players to teams.
  • The 2017-2018 Season will consist of a maximum of 21 teams, three Divisions of seven teams.
  • Registration is limited; teams will be admitted to the League upon receipt of a minimum of 8 registered players.
  • Teams are assigned to divisions based on age and level of play.
  • Each team will play six regular season games.
  • Teams with the best records in each division will advance to the playoffs at the end of the regular season; plus two Wild Card spots.
  • Two losses will be attributed to a team that forfeits a game.  A team must have at least four registered players to begin and end the game.
  • Registered players are issued a jersey at the beginning of the season and recorded with the scorekeepers.  The player will be responsible for bringing that jersey to each game.  If an unregistered player is identified in a game, the team with the unregistered may have the game forfeited.  Players keep their jerseys at the end of the season.
  • Once the game begins, players may not leave the gym other than to go to the water fountains and bathroom facilities.
  • Any unlawful activities on church property may lead to expulsion from the League. Also trash must not be left in the church parking lot.  Security cameras have been installed to monitor activity throughout the campus.
  • The players are responsible for cleaning their bench area the end of each game.
  • A minimum of 8 registered players is the standard for acceptance in the League.
  • The WUM High Court gym is used heavily during basketball season, and there are no times available for practices at the church.  Players are encouraged to find alternative locations if practices are desired.
  • A registered player is permitted to play on only one team.
  • Student coaches are encouraged.  However, if play gets out of hand, an adult present may be summoned to oversee the game. Referees are in charge of all games and will monitor play closely.  Foul language and unsafe play will not be tolerated.  Referees have the ultimate authority in enforcing safe play, and play consistent with competitive basketball.  Horseplay will not be tolerated.
  • Registration will open in early October and continue through October 31st.  A Late Fee of $25 is applied to registrations received after October 31st.
  • Click the URL on the left panel to for registration information.
  • Questions regarding the League should be directed to John Brewer at:  john@brewcrew2.com.