Q: What is West U Methodist?

A: West U Methodist is a Christian congregation in the heart of Houston, Texas, and is connected to the 11-million member strong United Methodist Church.


Q: When are your services?

A: Each Sunday, we have two services in our sanctuary: Traditional Worship at 9 am and Contemporary Worship at 11 am. Christmas Eve Services are at 4, 6, and 8 pm.


Q: Do you offer Sunday School classes?

A: Yes, we offer classes for all ages beginning at 10 am. For details and locations, click here


Q: Is nursery care provided?

A: Yes.  Safe, loving child care is provided for infants and young children during all worship services and Sunday School.


Q: Where is West U Methodist?

A: West U Methodist is located at 3611 University Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77005. Click here for map


Q: How large is the church?

A: We have more than 900 adults full members, along with hundreds of children and youth who will be eligible for membership upon confirmation.  More than 300 worship here each Sunday. Our sanctuary seats 450. Our chapel seats 60.


Q: Is this church only for residents of West University?

A: No! Although we are located in the community of West University Place, a small incorporated city near Rice University, only half of our members live in West U. Everyone is warmly welcomed!


Q: Where can we park?

A: Parking is available behind our campus via a driveway on University Boulevard and in public spaces on University and Edloe. Sunday parking is also available behind the Southside Police Station next door.


Q: Is this church Methodist or United Methodist?

A: We are United Methodist! Our official name is “West University United Methodist Church.”  "West U Methodist” is just easier to say.


Q: Is the preschool part of the church?

A: Yes, West U Methodist School is in the school wing of the church and is open to community children. The school serves 225 preschool children every weekday. For more information, click here


Q: What is Cross Over?

A: Cross Over is a Wednesday afternoon gathering of 5th graders led by our children’s ministry and is designed to prepare young people to “cross over” to sixth grade. For more information, click here


Q: What is UCAL?

A: Through UCAL, the “United Church Athletic League,” we offer basketball and volleyball to more than 400 boys and girls each year in our “High Court” second floor gym. For more information, click here


Q: How old is the church?

A: Chartered in 1936, we have just celebrated 80 continuous years of ministry.


Q: Does your church permit alcoholic beverages?

A: Although we do not serve alcoholic beverages at the church, we do not consider the moderate consumption of wine or other alcoholic beverages to be wrong. Wine and other alcoholic beverages are often served at church functions off-site.


Q: If I join the church, do I have to tithe?

A: Although we encourage each member to consider the spiritual discipline of giving a tithe (10% of income) to God through the church, we do not require any minimum financial support for members. All gifts are strictly confidential.