• All teams play 6 regular season games. 
  • Teams in the North, East, and South divisions will have one Non-Conference game at the end of the season.   Teams will be able to choose opponents for the Non-Conference game from their own division as a replay, or from another division, excluding the West division.   If teams do not select a Non-Conference opponent, the League shall assign appropriate games.  All West games will be played as Conference games.
  • Only Conference games will be used in determining playoff berths. 
  • The top two teams in each division shall advance to the Playoffs, which start on February 13th.  In case of a tie for playoff spot(s), the following shall be used in determining playoff qualification: (1) for two teams vying, regular season head-to-head winner shall advance ; (2) for three or more teams, the following events shall be used in the order presented;  head-to-head games, score differential of games between the teams vying, score differential in all games within the division.  Forfeits in regular season games count as two losses in playoff determination.  Please advise if you have questions.
  • Playoff games are single-elimination.