Ozone is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian youth group guided by the ministry of Camp Ozark. Not just another youth group, Ozone’s program is aimed at helping young people deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and giving them the tools to deal with difficult choices in a positive way. Ozone gives Camp Ozark campers and their friends support each other and become accountable for living what they have learned. And by the way, it’s a total blast for all!


Who Can Attend?

Ozone is not just for Camp Ozark campers. Any student in the 6th - 12th grades may attend Ozone weekly meetings, retreats, lock-ins, and events. In fact, all students are encouraged to bring their friends, so that they can enjoy the Ozone experience together!

West U has kids from EVERY school in the area ...

High School: Episcopal, St. John's, Lamar, Bellaire, St. Agnes, Strake Jesuit, St. Thomas, St. Pius X, Memorial, and more!

Middle School: Pershing, River Oaks Baptist, AOS, Pin Oak, Lanier, Grace, Presbyterian, and more!


Weekly Meetings/Events

Middle School Club: Monday from 7-8pm at West U UMC

OCM at Yellowstone Academy: Wednesday from 3:30-5:30 (meet at West U UMC at 3:30pm to carpool)

High School Club: Thursday from 7-8:30pm at West U UMC

Main Events: One Friday night per month for our middle school students (typically last for 2 hours and costs $20-$30 to attend, which includes activity plus dinner)


To go to Ozone's website and find out more about their staff